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Carsker Auctions is an online dealer-to-dealer auction built to provide dealers a better way to manage their wholesale process through a collaboration allowing “competitors” to be more efficient and profitable. Our technology expands reach, reduces costs and creates new opportunities for dealerships of all sizes. Carsker Auctions brings unparalleled transparency to the industry through FLAT FEE PRICING, OUR SELLER CONDITION ASSESSMENT (SCA), MODIFIED NO RESERVE BIDDING, AND TITLE PRESENT ON EVERY LISTING.

bid assurance

Carsker is a “modified" No Reserve auction with every listing running Title present. Opening bid price is the floor which eliminates the uncertainty if you are “in the game” or not. No more being the high bidder on a vehicle and getting the “it takes more”.


Seller Condition Assessment (SCA)

You have researched, inspected, and reconditioned the vehicle. Why pay to have a 3rd party tell you something that you already know? The SCA brings back accountability and transparency to every car listed on the site.


$200 SELL FEE &

Our process and overhead do not increase based on a car's sales price, neither should yours!


Because we know your business depends on it.

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$200 SELL FEE & $200 BUY FEE - PERIOD.

Our process and overhead do not increase based on a car's sales price, neither should yours!

WE GET IT and are committed to providing a platform that allows you to manage the process more effectively and efficiently so more can be invested in your core business.

In today's environment where margins are being squeezed more than ever, buying and selling on Carsker will have a huge impact on your bottom line over the course of a year.

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Giving Back

A portion of proceeds from every vehicle sold on Carsker will go to Children's Mercy (voted one of the best Children's Hospitals in America).

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